Born in Eregli, Konya in Turkey in 1966, Ziya Denizoglu is a high school graduate of T.E.D. Ankara College. He went on to study at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, following which he earned his Master’s degree in Construction Management at Istanbul University.

    Denizoglu began his professional career in 1990 in Libya with Tekser Construction Company. From 1992 to 1993 he worked on the construction of biological treatment plant in Istanbul / Tuzla with Alarko-Wacon, a joint venture between Turkish and Dutch companies, as well as building of a treatment plant sea discharge facility in Istanbul with Alarko-Rana, a Turkish-Italian partnership.

    Following these successful endeavors, Denizoglu moved abroad from 1993 to 1997 to serve with Walter Bau-Tekser and Arge Philipp-Holzmann-Tekser German and Turkish joint ventures.

    These projects involved the construction of military housing, community centers for social activities, as well as technical and industrial facilities, in Kiev, Ukraine and Moscow, Russia, respectively. Towards the end of his period, Denizoglu worked with Ellerbe –Becket – Tekser in Moscow, an American and Turkish joint venture focusing on industrial construction warehouses projects. With the vast experience gained from his work in the construction sector since 1990, Ziya Denizoglu focuses primarily on the management of the overall reinforced concrete works of the building projects, as well as logistics, business development and all financial aspects of the Company.

    In 1997, Denizoglu and Mesut Genis jointly established Denge Construction & Architecture.

    In addition to his native Turkish, Denizoglu speaks fluent English and Russian. He is married and the father of two children.

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