In a world of globalization, where companies depend on international projects for long-term development, we proudly represent our country through the ventures we have completed in Russia, Bulgaria and Georgia.

    We were established in 1997 with the values of education, hard work, honesty and the entrepreneurial spirit. We look back with pride and joy on these past 18 years of success, which have had a positive impact on both our customers and employees.

    İnsan odaklı gerçekleştirdiğimiz projelerden aldığımız maddi ve manevi güçle, bu 17 yıllık başarının yükselen bir şekilde artıracağına olan inancımız sonsuz…

    Thanks to the strength and experience gained though these projects, each of which have been based on our “people” approach to business, we firmly believe that our success will continue to increase in the days ahead.

Proje Vitrini